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Admin: delete entry Hannah Blavins spanblavins [at] gmail [dot] com http://www.spansstudio.co.uk  11/05/2013   11:27 AM Date
Message I have just finished reading your book and it was a joy to read, I have only been walking with the Lord for 6 months and it has encouraged me to read about someone who is so obedient to Him and who loves him so much. I am mainly housebound due to illness and so books like yours are one of the ways the Lord guides and comforts me so thank you for hearing him and doing as he says. I pray as I go on in my life with him I will be able to do the same. Hannah - from England (not wales :winkSmile

Admin: delete entry Arthur Defenderfer http://gsif.org  08/24/2013   07:44 PM Date
Message I really appreciate your ministry of the 19 years we have know each other. Keep up the great work.

Only eternity will reveal the fruit.

Brother Art
Davis, CA

Admin: delete entry Ann DiSanza anndi2848 [at] yahoo [dot] com http://www.acopforchrist.com  05/10/2013   05:15 PM Date
Message Very happy We now have YouTube Videos on the web for your enjoyment and enlightenment. Just search "Mike DiSanza" or "International Cops for Christ," We hope to have a link on the website soon. Laughing

Admin: delete entry Rich Collingridge http://  04/28/2013   07:23 PM Date
Message You are an inspiration and a blessing! We pray for supernatural strength for you and Anne.

Admin: delete entry Pastor John Caskey repbrower [at] comcast [dot] net http://  02/20/2013   07:54 PM Date
Message You are an inspiring and encouraging brother. I find it hard to shine in such a darkened place. I work inside the walls of our county prison. thnak you brother and fellow minister of GSIF. Blessings to you all.

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